When Should You Consume Whey Protein?

In this short article we will guide you to decide appropriately when you should consume whey protein in order to get the highest benefits of it. Typically, there are 4 recommended different times to take whey protein especially for the purpose of gaining muscle mass.

Whey Protein

1. Consuming Whey Protein Before a Workout

While consuming whey protein supplement before a routine workout can be good for you, taking the whey protein immediately before a training actually will not have any effect during your workout. It means that you need to give the whey protein a sufficient time to be absorbed by your body. It is recommended that you may try and consume whey protein an hour beforehand.

By consuming your whey protein in your body before workout at least an hour beforehand, you are permitting the whey protein to begin the remedy. Hence, at the time when you are ready to tear down your muscles, the whey protein have already be in your body system to start fixing them.

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2. Consuming Whey Protein During a Workout

Generally, there are several reasons which may influence you to avoid consuming whey protein during a routine training. First of all, when you consume or eat something, your stomach needs additional blood to be infused to digest and metabolize the food or in this case whey protein. In this regards, it may be a problem for a workout. It means that if the blood is getting concentrated only on your stomach, it cannot be efficiently used for other purposes such as in a workout or training.

When Should You Consume Whey Protein?

3. Consuming Whey Protein After a Workout

As we have touched a bit, consuming whey protein after your workout is a good thing. This especially apply for muscle repair. Below are a few considerations for your after-workout whey protein consumption:

  • Post a workout, your body is famished for energy or least of all is seeking for where it could have some more to refuel. Generally, in case that your body is looking for energy either due to a workout or prolonged phases of under-consumption, it consumes nutrients such as protein much easier.
  • Do not go exessively and taking twice of your body weight of protein. In fact, consuming around 40 or 60 grams would be sufficient.
  • The time after workout is critical. For the best result of capitalizing your protein consumption after a workout, you need at least 40 minutes to feed down.
  • After you have your post-workout whey protein consumption, it is recommended to eat leastwise every two hours, for six hours afterwards.

4. Consuming Whey Protein Before BedSimeon Panda Lean Mass Stack

Generally, we have already told that consuming carbohydrates just right before bed is not a good habit.

Carbohydrates are actually good for energy purposes. Yet, since you already have consumed them during the day you would not need to go bed with them. You will only gaining bad weight instead.

However, in the case of protein intake, the issue is quite different. Instead of consuming carbohydrates, having whey protein shake an hour before bed is recommended.

When are you sleeping, your muscles are still in a healing condition and hence it’s a good idea to keep your protein levels stable during this time. Specifically, bodybuilders will consume casein protein just before going to bed because casein digests slower and longer than whey protein.


There are times during the day which are great for whey protein consumption. These all means that the most potent way to have muscle mass is to consume a fairly steady quantity of whey protein along your day.

The recommended way to take your whey protein is to have it in the form of shakes and to consume it during your day in small to moderately sized meals.

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