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You have already seen them: big cans brightly labeled with appealing product descriptions like “weight gainer,” “solid mass,” “lean mass enhancer,” or “muscle provider.”

These kinds of products belong to a group of supplements considered as weight-gain powders. Most contain various concoctions of carbohydrate, protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients thought to enhance performance. The manufacturers of these products state that their specified formulations will certainly assist you pack on muscle.

But do they?

Actually, no one knows for sure.

Yet in 1996, a group of researchers at the University of Memphis put two weight-gain powders to the test. One powder was Gainers Fuel 1000, a high-calorie supplement that adds about 1,400 calories a day to the diet (60 grams of protein, 290 grams of carbohydrate, and 1 gram of fat). Even though the supplement consists of many other ingredients, it is formulated with two minerals that have been hyped as muscle builders: chromium picolinate and boron.

Chromium picolinate’s associated with muscle growth has to do with the fact that it boosts the action of insulin, a muscle-building hormone. Yet that is where the association ends. There is no legitimate scientific evidence that chromium precisely promotes bodybuilding.

Boron has been certainly touted as a supplement that promotes muscle growth, too, by enhancing the amount of testosterone circulating in the blood. But experiments have failed to authenticate this claim. In one latest study, 10 male bodybuilders took two and one-half milligrams of boron on a daily basis for seven weeks, while nine male bodybuilders took a placebo. Both groups performed their regular bodybuilding routines for the entire seven weeks.

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The results were really interesting. Lean mass, strength, and testosterone levels enhanced within all 19 men to the same relative degree. Boron supplementation did not make a little bit of diversity. It was the exercise, pure and simple, that did the technique.

Back to the research study on weight-gain powders: the second supplement investigated was Phosphagain. It adds about 570 calories a day to the diet (67 grams of protein, 64 grams of carbohydrate, and 5 grams of fat). Similar to most weight-gain powders, Phosphagain consists of lots of other ingredients that are rumoured to build muscle. Among the most noteworthy are creatine, taurine, nucleotides, and L-glutamine.

An amino acid discovered in muscles, taurine has actually been uncovered in animal studies to improve the effectiveness of insulin. Nucleotides are the building blocks of RNA and DNA; the nucleotides in Phosphagain are derived from the RNA in yeast. Nucleotides are fundamental to metabolism and essential to the cell division and duplication engageded in growth and development. As for L-glutamine, an amino acid, it theoretically moderates the water volume in cells and the protein-making process in muscles.

To check the impacts of Gainers Fuel 1000 and Phosphagain on muscle growth, the University of Memphis researchers picked 28 strength-trained men, all about the same age (average age was 26). Barely any was currently taking anabolic steroids, nor did any have a history of steroid use. The subjects had been training for approximately six years.

The researchers assigned the men to one of three groups:

(1) a third of the men consumed a maltodextrin supplement three times a day (maltodextrin is a carbohydrate originated from corn);

(2) a third consumed two portions of Gainers Fuel 1000 daily depending on the manufacturer’s directions; and

(3) the remaining third consumed three servings a day of Phosphagain, depending on the manufacturer’s directions.

The subjects consumed their supplements with their morning, midday, and evening meals. None knew which supplement he was consuming. They all continued their normal workouts and diets throughout the course of the study. Additionally, they were told not to consume any other supplements for two weeks prior to the research and until the research was over.

The result of this research:

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– In the group that supplemented with Gainers Fuel 1000, fat weight and percent body fat enhanced substantially.

– Phosphagain supplementation was more effective in stimulating muscle gains than either maltodextrin or Gainers Fuel 1000 during strength exercise. In fact, muscle boosts were “significantly greater” with Phosphagain, according to the researchers. The men who supplemented with Phosphagain did not obtain any extra fat.

Now before you draw your personal final thoughts, let me point out that it is still up in the air as to precisely which ingredients in Phosphagain was accountable for these results. More tests are required on weight-gain powders in general, as well as on the personal ingredients they contain to validate these findings.

Nevertheless, carbs with some protein (weight-gain powders contain both), consumed at the appropriate times, are crucial supplements to a muscle-building diet. Also, the creatine in Phosphagain could have been a factor in the results.g, and after the research study, the researchers analyzed the subjects’ body composition applying some of the most authentic and sophisticated technologies available.

Here’s a conclusion of what the researchers discovered:

Both the maltodextrin supplement and the Gainers Fuel 1000 promoted modest gains in muscle mass in fusion with a strength-training program.

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