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Is It Normal Aging or Low Testosterone?

While men get older, testosterone levels decrease naturally and virtually imperceptibly. However for some men, a major decrease may affect their condition of life. So how can you show the difference between normal aging and low testosterone? Once testosterone levels are too low, men might encounter much less …

Low Testosterone Facts and Myths

Testosterone is a sex hormone which drives even more than merely libido. For males, it has an effect on physical look, state of mind, bone thickness, muscle mass, and a lot more. The amount of of this vital hormonal agent the body creates is controlled by signals from …

9 Warning Indicators of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormonal agent which is created by the body. In males, testosterone is mainly made in the testicles and is responsible for promoting sperm production as well as libido, in addition to building muscle mass and bone mass. As people grow older, testosterone generation drops. In …

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