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Does Whey Protein Really Work for Muscle Gain?

At the time I was new to bodybuilding several years ago, the trendy protein on the niche was actually egg whites. It was literally boasted for possessing the most ideal PER (protein efficiency ratio) and therefore, efficient in bring in extra pounds of muscle mass to our physical …

Do Muscle Building Protein Supplements Work?

While walking through the doorways of your nearby nutrition supplement outlet or browsing to the closest fitness site, you could quickly be whipped away to the terrific world of muscle building protein supplements. Huge cans as well as bottles of powders, liquids, and tablets present images of massive …

What are the Benefits of Whey Protein for Muscle Building?

It is already known that whey protein is a comprehensive protein which contains 9 essential amino acids and is low in lactose content. Typically, whey protein is a blend of the following substances: Beta-lactoglobulin Alpha-lactalbumin Bovine serum albumin Immunoglobins There are 3 main types of whey protein on …

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