Low Testosterone Facts and Myths

Low Testosterone Facts and Myths

Aging Leads to Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone which drives even more than merely libido. For males, it has an effect on physical look, state of mind, bone thickness, muscle mass, and a lot more. The amount of of this vital hormonal agent the body creates is controlled by signals from the brain which are transported to the testes through the pituitary gland.

It’s predicted that a few million males in the United States possess low testosterone. However with the help of an increasing body of research study, solutions are now available to aid males handle the conditions of low testosterone, that consist of reduced libido, low stamina, as well as fatigue.

Nevertheless, generally there are still a lot of myths which endure regarding this particular males’ health problem.

Keep reading to find out some low testosterone facts and myths:

Low Testosterone Is a Natural Part of Aging – Myth

When you get older, your testes naturally start to generate much less testosterone compared to they did at the time you were a teenager. However that does not indicate you possess low testosterone.

When it pertains to testosterone levels, there is actually a vast array of normality. In case you’re experiencing low testosterone conditions – including decrease of libido, erectile dysfunction, as well as fatigue – take a blood test in order to find out in case your testosterone level is really under normal. Certainly not every person requires treatment, yet males having the correct symptoms must take it seriously and be evaluated.

Low Testosterone Impacts Males of All Ages – Fact

Low testosterone may develop at virtually any age with a number of factors, involving injury to your pituitary gland or testes. Research study has additionally revealed that weight problems as well as type 2 diabetes are actually related to low testosterone.

Actually, one-third of males having type 2 diabetes usually possess low testosterone. A research study published in the journal Diabetes Care in 2008 discovered that men 18 to 35 years old having type 2 diabetes possess considerably lower testosterone levels in comparison to their fellow with type 1 diabetes. The scientists mentioned that as body mass index rises, testosterone levels decrease. Low testosterone screening may be useful in some men with type 2 diabetes.

Low Testosterone Facts and Myths

Low Testosterone Only Impacts a Male’s Libido – Myth

Among the first symptoms for low testosterone is loss of sex drive. Nevertheless, generally there are a variety of other low testosterone signs which may impact your quality of life. Low testosterone may be linked to fatigue, low stamina, as well as an absence of enthusiasm to get up and do things. Precaution indicators when it comes to low testosterone may likewise involve mood fluctuations, a decrease in bone thickness or muscle mass, as well as an increase in body fat.

Low Testosterone Is Not Uncommon – Fact

In a research study carried out in 2006 which involved 2,100 males, low testosterone had an effect on approximately 39% of males older than 45. Nevertheless, low testosterone rates do escalate with age, impacting around 20% of males between ages 60 and 70, approximately 30% after age 70 and up to age 80, and around 50% of males older than 80. However the problem in some cases proceeds undiagnosed. Men usually disregard low testosterone signs or perhaps delay talking about them with their physician, chalking them up to pertain to normal aging.

Due to the fact that low testosterone is furthermore related to age, overweight, as well as type 2 diabetes, research study theorizes that low testosterone is going to end up being even more common considering that the population ages and also the paces of these particular chronic problems remain to increase.

A Male’s Low Testosterone Signs Impact Only Him – Myth

Low testosterone signs such as loss of libido, anxiety, as well as shortage of stamina may take a toll with regards to close relationships. When you’re exhausted or tired, it may set a tension on your spouse or partner, as well.

Sleep Apnea Can Contribute in Low Testosterone – Fact

Research study indicates that obstructive sleep apnea, a sleeping problem, may result in low testosterone levels. Sleep apnea, that impairs 4% of males, induces repeated disorders in breathing throughout sleeping and loss of a deep sleep – once testosterone development is at its peak. A research study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2002 discovered that the steady disruptions in sleeping as well as normal breathing lead to lower testosterone levels.

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Treatment option for low testosterone, nevertheless, may get obstructive sleep apnea even worse, and males having indications of low testosterone must be evaluated for the sleeping problem. You need to check out exactly how low your testosterone levels are, in addition to the intensity of your sleep apnea, then evaluate the dangers and advantages of treatment method.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Is a Quick Fix for Low Testosterone – Myth

Testosterone replacement therapy might be a treatment choice for many males identified with low testosterone. Available in a number of different forms, consisting of patches, gels, as well as injections, testosterone replacement might aid bring back your libido as well as relieve signs of anxiety and tiredness. Yet this particular treatment option is actually not a quick fix, and the majority of men will certainly have to remain on it forever under the control of their medical professional. It’s a continuous approach. Many males on testosterone replacement therapy begin to observe an improvement within around 3 to 6 months.

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle May Help Cure Low Testosterone – Fact

Dealing with an underlying health problem including overweight, type 2 diabetes, as well as sleep apnea might aid boost testosterone levels. Males having low testosterone must observe a heart-healthy diet as well as participate in frequent physical activity. A research study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2013 disclosed a relationship between overweight and low testosterone and also discovered that over 200 minutes of cardio workout every week leads to better improvement when it comes to body weight as well as testosterone levels than less physical exercise does.

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