Is It Normal Aging or Low Testosterone?

Low Testosterone

While men get older, testosterone levels decrease naturally and virtually imperceptibly. However for some men, a major decrease may affect their condition of life. So how can you show the difference between normal aging and low testosterone?

Once testosterone levels are too low, men might encounter much less passion in sexual activity, less spontaneous erections, as well as a decreased intensity for orgasm and also sensation. It might likewise lead to decline in stamina, increase in fatigue, depression, loss of pubic hair, poor concentration as well as memory, interrupted sleep, and also decreased strength.

What’s a “Normal” Level of Testosterone?

Testosterone is without a doubt one of the most vital male sex hormonal agent. It’s made mainly in the testes adrenal glands. Testosterone controls sexual drive, fat distribution, muscle mass, bone mass as well as strength, and also sperm production. In puberty, it makes the penis and also testes grow larger, results in facial and pubic hair to grow, and also deepens the voice. Normal levels of testosterone are usually thought of as being somewhere from 300 to 1,200 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl).

Around 5 million American men get testosterone shortage, however due to the fact that testosterone levels can vary extensively, it is actually hard to identify a certain level which shows a health problem. Additionally, low testosterone signs and symptoms may be misinterpreted for natural indications of aging. The occurance of low testosterone increases along with age, having an effect on around 20% of men between ages 60 and 70, 30% after age 70 as well as up to age 80, and approximately 50% of all men older than 80.

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A research study released in September 2013 in the New England Journal of Medicine sets up testosterone levels in which different physiological functionality start to be impaired. Even though this might aid figure out when to look for remedy when it comes to low testosterone, the research study also discovered that a number of signs usually related to testosterone deficit are partly or perhaps completely triggered by the decrease in estrogen which also leads to lower testosterone levels.

Do You Have Low Testosterone?

Should You Be Treated for Low Testosterone?

In case you think you’re experiencing low testosterone signs, visit a medical professional, ideally a urologist concentrating on endocrinology. The urologist might have the ability to identify if and why your testosterone level is too low. A blood test are going to inform you exactly what your testosterone level is during a specific time. The most ideal time to get your testosterone level assessed is generally during the early morning, while levels are at their highest. In case your level is low, your medical professional must evaluate it at least 2 more times prior to providing a medical diagnosis. Less than 200 or 300 ng/dl of overall testosterone is generally taken into account as being a low testosterone level.

Your physician must take into consideration your medical past history, involving past as well as present health problems, any kind of hereditary history, and also present doctors prescribed as well as over the counter drugs you’re consuming prior to generating a medical diagnosis regarding low testosterone level. Make sure to point out any kind of sex-related issues or problems which might be triggering you stress.

A physical evaluation must involve checking out your penis, testes, as well as breasts for any kind of lumps. Bone density examination might be arranged due to the fact that low testosterone may result in bones to end up being fragile, and a scan of the brain might be required to eliminate a tumor in the pituitary gland or hypothalamus. Your prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level must likewise be examined in order to ensure there are no prostate-related issues or even cancer.

Hypogonadism: When Testosterone Levels Are Very Low

In case testosterone levels are really low, a medical condition referred to as hypogonadism might be the reason. Hypogonadism takes place in case the body system does not generate sufficient testosterone either due to a problem in the testicles, the hypothalamus, or the pituitary gland. Men having hypogonadism may take advantage of testosterone therapy, however merely a small percentage of men possess this particular problem. Low testosterone on its own does not create hypogonadism.

Experts admit that even though testosterone may aid men having hypogonadism coming from low testosterone level, it isn’t really for men with normal testosterone levels. Some men might simply need to be told that lowered testosterone level is actually a common part of aging.

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